Macawber Beekay Introduces Green Coal

We are launching Macawber Beekay's Green Coal from Municipal Solid Waste. With a daily capacity of 600T, a carbon-neutral and environmentally sustainable waste conversion process!

The Challenge

High Quantity of Co2 Production & Water Contamination Due to Fossil Coal.

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    Excessive Mining Leading To Deforestation

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    Water Contamination Due To Extraction Process

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    Large Amount Of Toxic Emission & Pollutants

The Solution

A Carbon Neutral & Eco-Friendly Way To Coal Energy Management

By applying a variety of cleaning and emission-controlling technologies, Green Coal technology seeks to decrease the negative effects on the environment. Coal is a fossil fuel primarily made of carbon and hydrocarbons. You'd be astonished at how well legacy garbage can help with land reclamation and handle issues like landfills!

Our Technology
The Impact

An Impact Which Facilitates Sustainability & Stability.

Green coal can offer a sustainable and fossil-free option for sectors like metallurgy where employing raw biomass as a reducing agent in a blast furnace is often not feasible due to the biomass's high moisture content, low fixed carbon content, and high content of ash.

Coal Pledge
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    Significant Reduction in Co2 Emission

    Our reliance on natural gas and resource extraction is reduced through the use of sources of energy with a higher level of sustainability, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy.

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    Reduced Global Emission & Pollutants

    By generating electricity on-site using renewables and other environmentally friendly energy sources, green coal aids in decreasing.

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    Minimise Water Pollution & Contamination

    Mountains of solid waste in various stages of decomposition that are dispersed across the city could be used as an eco-friendly source of fuel for industries.

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    Sustainable & Economical Alternative

    Economic sustainability refers to actions that promote long-term economic growth without having a negative effect on the community's social, environmental, and cultural facets.

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