Mine Void Filling System


Mine Void Filling System

Mine Void Filling System is being envisaged by the Coal-based Power Plant Owners to refill the Mine with the help of Ash generated in Power Plant. MBPL has extensive experience in Ash Slurry (Bottom Ash, Fly Ash or both together) Pumping/ Disposal System in the form of either Lean Slurry / High Concentration Slurry.
Mine Void Filling System consists of:

  • Ash Water Recirculation System including Barge mounted Pumps in Mine Void.

  • Ash Slurry (Bottom Ash, Fly Ash or both together) Pumping/ Disposal System in the form of either Lean Slurry or High Concentration Slurry via Single Stage or Multistage Pumps including Booster Pumping Station.

The equipment and materials supplied form a fully comprehensive system.
Case Study:
Presently, MBPL is executing a turnkey project (consisting of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning) of the similar System for M/s NTPC Ltd. at 3000 MW Capacity {Stage-I (2X500MW) and Stage-II (4X500MW), in Angul District of Orissa State}. This is a Pit Head Coal based Thermal Power Plant.


Brief System Description

  • Ash Slurry Pumping/ Disposal System to Mine Void: In the power plant Bottom Ash & Fly Ash Slurry is presently being pumped as Lean Slurry to Ash Pond with the help of Slurry Duty Horizontal Centrifugal Type Centrifugal Pumps and disposal Pipelines. To meet the requirement of Mine Void filling located at 25 KM (approx.) from the Power Plant, the following facilities are being envisaged:
    • Diversion via Pneumatically Actuated Knife Gate Valves at suitable location (at the discharge off existing Ash slurry Pumping/ Disposal Pumps).
    • Addition of 03 Sets of Ash Slurry Pipeline Streams to Pump the Ash Slurry upto Booster Pump House at 12 KM (approx.) in Forest Area. The Ash Slurry Booster Pump House shall have three (3) Compartments.
    • Three (3) Streams of Horizontal Ash Slurry Pumps complete with drive motors, variable speed hydraulic couplings (for 1st Stage Pumps)& V-Belt Drive Arrangements (for subsequent stages) have been considered. Space provision shall be kept for addition of fourth series of pump in booster pump house in future.
    • Ash Slurry Disposal Pipeline (along with Bends & Fittings) from Ash Slurry Booster Pump House upto Mine Void.
    • Two (2) Nos. Ash Slurry Overflow Transfer Pumps along with associated Drives, Piping& Valves etc. for transfer of Ash Slurry from Overflow Sump tothe Main Sump in Booster Pump House.
  • Ash Water Recirculation System:
    • Eight (8) Nos. (4W+4Sb) Barge Mounted Centrifugal Pumps complete with Drive, Barge &accessories etc. to pump ash water from Mine Void to sump of AWRS Pump House.
    • Three (3) Nos (2W+1Sb) Horizontal Centrifugal Type Ash Water Recirculation Pumps, located in Ash Water Recirculation Pump House at Mine Void to transfer the Ash Water to an Ash Water Sump located in Thermal Power Plant.
  • Ground Water Pumping System from Bore Well:
    • Complete Bore Well Pumping System including Pumps, Storage Tank, Water Pipes, Valves&accessories for meeting potable water requirement at Booster Pump House Area.


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