Dry Bottom Ash removal system eliminates the need of water for transporting bottom ash from below the furnace.


Dry Bottom Ash
Handling System

Macawber Beekay introduces DryAshTech Conveyor for dry handling of Bottom Ash below the boiler furnace. The DryAshTech an innovative solution used as a Dry Ash Conveyor for cooling and conveying of combustion residues of fossil fired power stations and waste incineration plants.

Highly reliable and robust DryAshTech is setting standards and fulfils the highest requirements in terms of environmental protection and conservation of resources due to its water-free operation. Due to only minor rolling friction on the supporting rollers and the other components, located protected from the material to be conveyed, the DryAshTech presents considerable key advantages compared to its competitors.

From the outside removable, lifetime lubricated supporting rollers in combination with impact tables, able to absorb single weights of more than 5.0 t, make the DryAshTech to a guarantor for a trouble-free plant operation.

benefit dry ash

Benefits of DryAshTech:

  • This is a fully enclosed system
  • Water usage for quenching of hot BA is eliminated and hence there is no requirement of Bottom Ash Cooling Water system & effluent water treatment system
  • Eliminates the requirement of Ash Pond hence no impact on ground water quality
  • Compliance with environmental protection regulations
  • There are reduction of thermal energy losses & unburned carbon and hence improved boiler efficiency
  • Maintenance costs are low.
  • Usable bottom ash quality
  • Easy to transport

Key Features of DryAshTech:

  • Rolling friction ensures lowest wear and highest reliability > 99%
  • Significantly reduced operating cost and trouble-free operation
  • Conveying components are protected from conveying goods
  • Height bending strength through profiled belt elements
  • 100% reversible
  • Use of robust, proven and highly wear-resistant components
  • Temperature resistant > 1000 °C
  • Conveying width > 4.000 mm
  • Conveying capacity > 100 t/h
  • Stationary supporting rollers, lubricated for life and easily outward replaceable
  • Lowest sound emissions
  • Burst-proof double-stranded fork chain with connection “DOGAL Connect“
  • Every belt element is connected with only 1 chain link – 250 mm
  • Safe screw-connection between chain and belt elements, no connecting Pins with high wear
Dry Ash Tech img
  • Only 1 pivotal point of rotation and no gap / free play and wear between the chain links of one belt element
  • Fixed lateral guidance, no possible sideway slipping


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