Importance of coal handling plant

on May 16, 2023

Coal-handling plants play a crucial role in the Power industry. Have you ever wondered how the coal that is used to power your home or workp...

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What is the capacity of the Coal Handling Plant?

on May 16, 2023

Coal handling plants are essential components of power generation plants that deal with coal, from its reception to transportation, preparat...

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Waste to Energy: A Sustainable Solution to India’s Growing Waste Problem

on May 15, 2023

India, like many other nations, is struggling with a serious waste management issue. Each year, the nation produces more than 62 million ton...

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What is coal handling system?

on April 28, 2023

Coal handling is a crucial process that is involved in the movement of coal from its initial location to the end-use destination. Coal is a ...

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What are the types of “Coal Handling System”?

on April 24, 2023

Coal is a valuable and primary source of energy that is widely used for various industrial purposes such as generating electricity, producin...

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What is waste coal called?

on April 20, 2023

Waste coal, also known as gob or culm, is a type of coal that is generated as a byproduct of mining operations. Although it is not considere...

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coal refuse

What is the composition of coal refuse?

on April 12, 2023

Coal refuse, also known as coal waste, is a byproduct of the coal mining process that is generated when coal is extracted from the ground. I...

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Top 5 uses of Fly Ash in Cement and allied industries

on March 20, 2023

In the early years of thermal energy, coal-fired power plants used to release the entire fly ash (almost 25-30% of pulverized coal by weight...

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Uncovering the Mystery of Green Coal: What You Need to Know!

on February 24, 2023

The term “green coal” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a viable form of renewable energy. In recent years, green coal ...

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Waste to Energy: Turning Municipal Solid Waste into Green Coal for an Eco-Friendly Future

on February 15, 2023

  Excessive mining activities and deforestation cause a rise in global temperatures and release large amounts of CO2, which pose a sig...

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