Spare Parts

Delivering  high precision and quality genuine spare parts

Spare Parts

It is important to have good inventory of spare parts for the systems supplied by Macawber Beekay.

The spare parts should be interchangeable with originally supplied equipment. Macawber Beekay strongly recommends the genuine spare parts for the following reasons:

  • Our sourcing of raw materials is from reputed makes, each component undergoes stringent quality checks.
  • We have world class manufacturing & testing facilities. The core components (eg Dome Valve, etc) are manufactured on CNC Machines.
  • The final quality checks are well defined for each item. We supply same quality of spares for domestic & overseas markets.
  • Consistent quality is maintained and hence there is always a difference between locally sourced spares and original spares from Macawber Beekay. Low cost alternatives may fail early & cause safety problems.
  • We keep adequate inventory in our works to meet express delivery in case of emergency requirement of spares.
  • Plant operators get better life of the equipment using original spare parts. Hence minimal maintenance, less down time of the plants and consistent guaranteed performance of the plants.
  • Plant operators should do the cost-benefit analysis before buying local spares.
quality spare parts

Why use
Macawber Beekay spares?

There are some distinct and widespread advantages that our customers can benefit from by using genuine and high-quality spares from Macawber Beekay.

Our USP is in our technique & machinery used for manufacturing these spares with extreme high precision and quality, which cannot be matched by any other local or cheap aftermarket spare suppliers claiming to supply genuine spare parts for our products.

For example, a few state-of-the-art automated machinery that give Macawber Beekay a competitive edge over other suppliers are:

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Macawber Beekay has a dedicated department – Single point window supporting & helping our customers - right from generating quotation to supply chain management of spares. This department is responsible for maintaining the data base for each individual project and offer a stock top-up service that ensures customers always have the right level of stock level for regularly used parts.

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