Macawber Beekay is the leading Company, providing
complete turnkey solutions to power industry

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101 Years of Succesful
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Macawber Beekay is the leading Company, providing complete turnkey solutions to power industry for:

  • Ash Handling Systems including bottom / fly ash handling,
  • High Concentration Slurry Disposal System,
  • Lean Slurry Disposal System & Ash Water Recovery System,
  • Pneumatic Coal Mill Rejects Handling System
  • Coal Handling System.
  • Conveyor Package for FGD System
  • Ship/Barge Fly Ash Loading System
  • Mine Void Filling System


Noida (Uttar Pradesh)

Manufacturing Unit

Keshwana (Rajasthan)


It began in 1918. Seth Bakhtawar Singh started his business building Rest houses, Station buildings, Staff Quarters, roads and bridges during the erstwhile British Rule in the name and style of Bakhtawar Singh and Desraj Contractors.

Notable amonst their work was the Chakki River Bridge, Punjab. After about two decades with the advent of Seth Balkrishan, the company diversified its activities into construction of Industrial Building, Residential Colonies, Water Intake Pump houses, etc. in the name a style of Bakhtawar Singh Balkrishan & Co. In the year 1968, the company further diversified its activities into Ash Handling Systems for Thermal Power Plants. Various prestigious projects were executed by them.

In the year 1985-86, Bakhtawar Singh Balkrishan & Co. signed a joint venture agreement with M/s. Simon-Macawber Ltd., of U.K. to form MACAWBER BEEKAY PVT.LTD. with headquarters in New Delhi to undertake turnkey projects on Densephase Pneumatic Conveying Systems in India and cater to our Thermal Power Stations and various process industries to convey dry fly ash through pipelines.


A dedicated and an efficient group, Macawber Beekay specializes in providing Ash handling solutions throughout the power industry for solid fuel-fired boilers of size upto 1000 MW.

Macawber Beekay, established in 1986, was the first company to bring technology of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying for transfer of bulk materials, especially Dry Flyash, to India. Macawber Beekay is part of well-known BSBK Group, which started its activities way back in 1918 in the field of civil engineering & construction and later gradually diversified into other areas.

The headquarter is in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), near New Delhi, capital of the country. Manufacturing unit is in Keshwana (Rajasthan), fully equipped with the state of art of manufacturing, painting and testing facilities.




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The sole aim of Macawber Beekay is to provide turnkey solutions to reduce environmental pollution with conservation of energy, to core Industries like Power, Cement, Alumina, Steel, Chemicals, Sugar, Paper, Foundry, etc. who face these problems while handling bulk materials within the Plant. Macawber Beekay systems are available for handling from A to Z of powder / granular materials through unique dense phase pneumatic conveying technology.

Since the Company was formed in mid-eighties, Macawber Beekay’s reputation has grown from strength to strength as the list of applications and industries that are benefitting from our know-how continue to grow.