Red Mud Handling System

Macawber Beekay offers execution of Red Mud Disposal System on turnkey basis. The system consists of disposal of red mud collected from Drum Filters or Mud Washers / Thickeners.

In case of Drum Filters, system comprises of screw feeder, belt conveyors and Agitator Retention Tank (ART). The softened slurry from ART is then pumped to red mud pond through piston diaphragm pumps or centrifugal pumps.

In case of Mud Washers / Thickeners, system comprises of direct pumping of the mud washer discharge to the red mud pond through piston diaphragm pumps. The decant water from the red mud pond is pumped back to the Plant through submersible pumps or horizontal centrifugal pumps installed on floating pontoons / ground as required.