Fly Ash Handling System
  • Vacuum System

    Our product profile includes Vacuum System for extraction of fly ash collected at Air Pre Heater/Electrostatic Precipitator hoppers of PF type boilers. Vacuum System is generally adopted when the extraction distance is less, when the number of ESP hoppers are more and the plant layout demands for two-stage conveying. Vacuum System relies upon an air stream generated by partial vacuum drawn on the receiving station, by means of mechanical exhausters, material being dragged into the pipeline by vacuum created and moving in suspension. A bag filter unit with air lock unit, separates the flyash from the air at the receiving station and collects in Fly ash Intermediate Hoppers, for onward conveying to remote silos/for hydro sluicing. Our proprietary design Dome Valve has proved to be one of the best valves for the vacuum application also.

  • Pressure Conveying System

    We specialise in Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System for conveying of coarse ash/fly ash collected at Economiser/Air Pre Heater/Electrostatic Precipitator hoppers. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System is generally adopted on account of many of its advantages like positive pressure system, low material conveying velocity, lesser erosion rates, conveying of fine and coarse ash separately as collected (thus increasing its utility), capability to convey longer distances in a single stretch (upto 1 KM directly from ESP and upto 3 KM from intermediate silo to remote silo), etc. The system operates on a batch mode for the first stage conveying system and on a continuous mode for second stage transportation system. Pneumatic vessels provided below the various hoppers of the ESP/APH/ECO fill and convey using compressed air from compressors as the medium of conveying. MBPL's Dome Valve has been the best proven valve for the pneumatic material handling applications.

  • Hydro Ejector Slurry System

    For projects requiring Hydro-sluicing System for transfer of coarse ash/fly ash collected at Economiser/Air Pre-Heater/Electrostatic Precipitator hoppers or along vacuum system or at buffer hoppers/silo's of PF type boilers, we provide various modules like flushing apparatus system, wetting head-cum-slurrifier system, feeder ejector/hydro ejector system, etc. depending upon the application requirement.