Chairman's Message

As the Industry grows towards larger capacity Power Plants, Macawber Beekay is geared up to accept the challenges ahead. At Macawber Beekay, we believe in strengthening our aspirations and are all set to help accelerate the growth on sustainable basis.

Keeping abreast with evolving trends and innovations, Macawber Beekay is prepared to provide efficient turnkey solutions to its clients to help overcome challenges. With an ability to anticipate future needs and a proficient team who innovate new ideas to deal with difficult situations, Macawber Beekay is equipped to grow and establish itself as a leader in the Industry. Our motto is to offer a world class technology to develop our Industry patterns and work conditions. The motive behind this is to see the Company grow and become world leader in times to come.

Our prime driving force is people and their welfare. We work to satisfy our clients, contribute for the welfare of the society and leave no stone unturned to save the environment for a healthy living. Therefore, our business initiatives and community efforts are synchronized to perfection.

On behalf of the Board of directors and the entire leadership team at MBPL, I extend my humble gratitude towards all our stake holders for keeping faith and also for supporting us to become a leading conglomerate. MBPL is a Company with dynamic outlook and we look forward to utilize India’s youth power to reach our ultimate goal of development.