Ash Slurry Disposal System
  • Lean Slurry Disposal System and Ash Water Recovery System

    Lean Slurry Disposal System and Ash Water Recovery System have been conventionally used for disposal of ash slurry in dilute form, generated at various power plants and are still in demand. We offer such systems which comprise of centrifugal slurry pumps for disposal and clarifloculator / tube settler for recovery of the ash water from slurry pond.

  • High Concentration Slurry Disposal (HCSD) System

    Conventional Lean Slurry Disposal System and Ash Water Recovery System have limitations/disadvantages on account of higher amount of water wastage/contamination, ground water pollution, potential threat of ash pond collapse, vast land required for ash dykes, higher costs for ash pond construction and higher power consumption. These limitations have led to the adoption of new environment friendly ash disposal technologies like High Concentration Slurry Disposal (HCSD) Systems. We have been pioneer in adopting the best of this technology in India by commissioning the HCSD System for a combination of fly ash and bottom ash, first of its kind in India.

    HCSD System comprises of controlled and monitored feeding system for fly ash and bottom ash followed by a homogenous mixing in an adequately designed Agitator Retention Tank (ART). Proper monitoring of the slurry properties is the key to success of the system. HCSD pump transports the highly concentrated slurry from the ART to the ash disposal area through carbon steel pipelines. These pumps have mechanism for capacity variation depending on the characteristics of the slurry. De-blocking facility is also considered either by the HCSD pump itself or through a separate water pump.

    HCSD System operates on a higher concentration of about 60% thereby water consumption is drastically reduced and literally no water is released at the disposal area. The ash slurry disposal takes place based on a sloped disposal concept thereby spreading over a substantial area and solidifies, leaving hardly any ash to fly off.

    Key Advantages of HCSD System

    • Ash spreads in layers enabling vertical filling, hence land requirement is reduced.
    • Pumping at higher concentration, hence low water consumption.
    • Slurry flow rate is drastically reduced, hence lower pipeline sizes.
    • Literally no water releases out, hence no need for water retaining walls or recovery system in pond area.
    • Reduced leaches at the ash disposal area.
    • Lower operating power consumption.
    • Lower velocity, hence longer life for pipe line.