“Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.”

  • Confucius

In today’s volatile times, those organizations make a mark for themselves who retain their talent beating all odds and at the same time nurturing its human capital to unseen and unheard heights. Macawber Beekay firmly believes in development of its Employees which is a gradual process and starts right from day one of joining.

The competition is intense and ruthless yet, Macawber Beekay continues to stay ahead, and this will not be possible without the Team that has been developed and grown together for the past many years. Our success apart from other factors is greatly driven by the efficient workforce working at offices, factories, and multiple remote locations. We have the best talent, minds, machinery & technology, and this combined with best industry practices makes us the Market Leader. The organization also believes in cultivating and encouraging a good & healthy work ambience for its employees be it factory, sites or corporate office.

Employees of Macawber Beekay who have given more than 25 years of services were recognized on various Company functions by our honorableChairman and Managing Director Shri. Ajay Kumar Gupta.We are so proud to have them as part of our work family. Through the years, their talents and efforts have helped our success. Together, we take pride in their accomplishment and commitment to excellence.

We applaud the determination and effort they have demonstrated during their time with Macawber Beekay during good and difficult times. We look forward to seeing all the great things we know they will accomplish in the upcoming years with us.

Certain glimpses of “Long Service Citation” follow this article.