Pneumatic Conveying System

Macawber Beekay specializes in Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System for conveying of various powdery materials like Aluminium / Zinc Calcine / Cement / Raw Meal / Clinker Dust / Limestone / Sand / Bentonite / Sinter Dust / Iron Ore Dust / Soda Ash / Chemical Process Plant Dust, etc. for Cement / Steel (Ferrous / Non-ferrous) / Paper / Foundry / Chemical / other Process industries.

Macawber Beekay, with its patented Dome Valve design and the technology of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying, has always kept a brand name with these industries by giving practical solutions to the various requirements as arise from time to time, irrespective of batch type/continuous conveying, shorter/longer distances, lower/higher capacities, extreme physical/chemical properties, temperature ranges, etc.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying has following distinct advantages over conventional lean phase conveying:

  • Long distance conveying is possible. Hence destination silos can be placed at convenient location within the plant / outside plant boundary wall.
  • There is no limitation on layout or number of bends.
  • Systems are versatile to handle varied nature of materials from fine to coarse particles. It is important to know the granulometry of material being handled before designing the system.
  • Higher handing capacity is possible over specified conveying distance.
  • This is a low velocity conveying, hence wear to the material conveying pipes is less.
  • Energy efficient systems. Compressed air is consumed during material conveying only.
  • Unique design of Dome Valve offers 100% sealing when closed and full bore unobstructed flow of material when open.