Life at Macawber Beekay

At Macawber Beekay, life is all about making it better and happier.

We consider every employee of ours as the asset of the Company who contributes equally in its growth and revenues. We also firmly believe that happy people equal higher productivity; hence we foster an environment where work is actually enjoyed. We have many employees who have started their career with Macawber, reached to a leadership position and served the organisation for the whole life and got retired with due respect. We believe not only in providing them the better career opportunity but also the better life with complete support and satisfaction in terms of Career, Growth and Work-Life Balance so that they can stay with organisation for their whole life.

The company was born with a mission to be a successful and responsible citizen in providing turnkey solutions to reduce environmental pollution with conservation of energy, to core Industries like Power, Cement, Alumina, Steel, Chemicals, Sugar, Paper, Foundry, etc. We thrive to evolve as a group that works for the benefit of the society as a whole. We believe in enriching lives of one and all.

Macawber Beekay is a very innovative company. We love to indulge in innovating new designs and methods. Our constant efforts have helped us grow as India’s leading innovative brand in Ash Handling Systems and Coal Handling System. We are innovative because we have developed systems that are environment friendly. We understand that nature is the essence of healthy living and so we must protect it and save it from hazardous effects of harmful pollutants.

At Macawber Beekay, we also strongly believe that a successful organization is an output of strong headed, intellectual people who work together to serve the society while innovating ways to help the specific industry. We work hard to serve the common goal. We provide people an open platform to work and showcase their skills while adding value as an employee. At Macawber Beekay people are linked with each other emotionally and this emotional connect has definitely helped us grow as an organization. We believe in giving our employees the best that we have and we stand in support with them through thick and thin just like they stand strong with Macawber Beekay always.

Prize Distribution of Seth Balkrishan Memorial Competitions (2016-17)